An Endless Supply of Free Music…

March 5, 2009



Boogie Banger

Finland’s Milton Van Houten has a wide range of classic dancefloor tunes, from soul to disco to hip hop to house.

DJ’s Delight

Helsinki’s DJ Anonymous brings you tracks and mixes mixes mixes glaore.

Stoney Jackson

J.Rocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies, exclusive live sets and vintage mixes from the Beat Junkies, Madlib, more.

Diamonds in the Dust

DJ B.Cause’s incredible mixes, original edits, and rare records.

Levin ZenekuckÓja

an incredible collection of high quality mp3’s of all types of good music, straight out of Hungary.  over 1000 different artists’ songs, all organized by tags.


A blog of blogs, an endless directory of music blogs covering all generes from hip hop to house to punk to jazz to ambient to classical to blues to reggae. endless…

Disco Edits

a huge collection of edits, dubs, & remixes of classic disco and funk tracks. super easy to download with direct links to all the tracks.





ただし、無料で手に入れた感動の分、どっかでミュージシャンのサポートもお願いします。CD を買ったり、現場に足はこんだりしてくださいね。




3 Responses to “An Endless Supply of Free Music…”

  1. djsen Says:

    やばい。thank you posting!

  2. Erin Says:

    非常に有用..ポストてくれてありがとう! ^_^

  3. […] is the original post: An Endless Supply of Free Music… « DJ Quietstorm, Straight Outta … By admin | category: さいわい | tags: 12th-seasonal, another-kind, another-way, […]

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